Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA

Master of Science (SM) in Management of Technology(MBA with Technology Management) - 1999


Enterprise Software Architecture & Financial Services Industry: Future Trends, Challenges & Frameworks.


Research Assistantship - Center for eBusiness @ MIT

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University of Toronto, Canada

Master of Information Systems (M.I.St) - 2002


Performed research in biological databases and related datamining topics at IBM Center for Advanced Studies, Canada.

University of Oxford, UK

Master of Science in Computation (Mathematics & Software Engineering) - 1999


Critical Analysis & Modeling of Three-Phase Commit (3PC) Protocol in Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) and verification of its properties using Failures, Divergences, and Refinements (FDR) tool.


Oxford University Centenary Scholarship,

British Overseas Research Students (ORS) Award, and

Manchester PhD Scholarship.

University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - 1994

Project: Transmission of video data over wireless devices.