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This blog addresses a wide range of issues related to IT Service Management, Business Service Management, ITILv3, ISO-20000, COBIT, Enterprise Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture, and others.

I also comment on emerging related topics and answer any questions related to my upcoming book on IT Service Management implementation and operation.

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ITILv3, Enterprise Architecture & Other Courses

Teaching is fun for me and not too much of a job. I deliver range of ITILv3 trainings including Foundation and other intermediate level courses.

In addition, I also offer custom on-site trainings for my clients. Please click here to find more information on how I can offer my services to you.


Workshops, Talks, Seminars & Conferences

I am often invited to give a talk and / or presentation on IT Service Management and related topics.

In addition to these, I do design and run client-specific workshops / seminars to enable institutionalization of service management practices. These workshops / seminars are very targeted and delivered specific agreed results. Some of these workshops may include (not limited to):

  • IT Service Management Awareness and Strategy Development
  • Service Catalog Design & Development
  • IT Service Management Maturity Assessments
  • Planning for implementing IT Service Management
  • Integrating Enterprise Architecture with IT Service Management to achieve end-to-end Enterprise-Level IT Governance
Research in IT Service Management & Services Science

I am very much passionate about and am deeply engaged, both at industry as well as academic levels, in the discpline of IT Service Management. I fundamentally believe that ITILv3 establishes a truly valuable vision for IT enterprises (including internal service providers) that are aiming to align their services with their customers.

Now, interestingly enough, if you think about it, service management is not a new discipline. In fact, service management is as old as health and medical care services, tourism, hospitality, education, and other service industries. I am currently looking across these industries and am collaborating with some of the key researchers in the academia to see if there are any lessons to be learnt, see if we can actually establish linkages between the overall service science and IT Service Management and establish theorectical foundations for IT Service Management.

I will continue to provide updates regarding my research on my ITIL Blog.

Attempting to define my own destiny ...

After having worked for over 15 years in the corporate environment, I think that I am finally ready to define my own destiny. I am actually planning on growing my company, Xceedure, to more than just me. I have some partners and am looking for more.

As always, I am very positive and am looking forward.

My Hobbies

Photography is fun. Some of my pictures are: